About Wild Prairie

The name is a reminder. Wild Prairie is a way for us to remember our integral relationship to both the land and the wildlife within. As admirers of nature, with an understanding of how critical these diverse ecosystems are to our lives, we borrowed these words to inspire the memory of what we are as humans in relation to the earth. We wanted to use the name Wild Prairie to invoke the possibilities of people, farms, and wildlife existing together as one. These three entities are not mutually exclusive—they can all exist harmoniously. Part of our practice is to strive towards that harmony. We recognize that wildlife (small animals, bugs, birds, fungus, bacteria, etc) are an important part of our farm and lives, not "things" that need to be eradicated or heavily controlled. We use the name Wild Prairie to remember our connection to this earth.

zinnias in full bloom

We started Wild Prairie Flower Farm in fall of 2019 with a parcel of land from the Columbus City Land Bank program. The parcel is 1/4 acre, and we started selling flowers in the summer of 2020 just to have fun and share with friends. We don't have any professional experience farming on a large-scale, however we do have experience and knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices, and we've studied and continue to learn various methods for natural farming and gardening.

Our dream is that our farm can become one of many examples of small-scale, sustainable and regenerative agriculture. We don't believe we're inventing anything new, we're simply trying to encourage less extractive farming practices than the ones that dominate most areas of agriculture. We hope that the community can continue to support this dream by choosing local flowers, and learning with us what seasonal and sustainable consumption looks like.

Although farming itself is challenging, the reward of buckets of dahlias is well worth the labor. We're working towards our goals to create beautiful floral arrangements for various purposes, however, we're mostly focused on sustainable farming at the moment. Although we could order any flower we'd like, at any time of the year, from anywhere in the world, our biggest question throughout this process is: how can we grow flowers and make beautiful arrangements without sacrificing the environment?