Request Process:
  • If you've submitted a subscription request we will contact you shortly via phone with the phone number provided in the request.
  • During the call we will confirm the details of your subscription and collect payment information.
Subscription Details:
  • Our flower subscription runs from June - October.
  • Customers can cancel an upcoming delivery/pick up at any time with at least 2 days notice by calling (614) 500-3220 and/or emailing wildprairieflowerfarm@gmail.com.
  • Subscriptions can be canceled entirely at anytime.
Picking Up My Flowers:
  • Pick up orders will be available from 9am - 8pm on selected day and through the weekend.
  • Pick up orders will no longer be available after 8pm on Sunday. There are no refunds for abandoned orders.
  • Orders will be labeled and available at our Farmstand.
  • Customers may have a friend or family member pick up their order.
  • If your order is not available, please ring the door bell and we'll come out to assist.
Subscription Deliveries:
  • Deliveries are made Fri - Sun from 9am - 12pm.
  • We advise that someone be present to receive the flowers.
  • There are no refunds for delivered orders.

Special Requests: Weddings & Events:

Request Process:
  • After submitting a request for a wedding or event we will contact you shortly via email with the email address provided in the request.
  • Our wedding coordinator will schedule a time to meet and discuss the details of your order: flower preferences, order items, colors, theming, etc.
  • Once the details of your order are confirmed, a sample invoice and deposit invoice will be sent.
  • Your order is confirmed by paying the deposit invoice of $100. Once the order is confirmed, we'll mark your order as final and will have your order ready on or before your event date (delivery date confirmed during consultation with coordinator). You may request updates to your order until 4 weeks prior to your event.
  • Our wedding coordinator will also reach out 4 weeks prior to your event. This is your final check-in date for any additional changes. This will be the last chance to update your order. After the this date all sales are final, and the order can no longer be updated.
  • Your final invoice will also be due at this time.
Pick up/Delivery:
  • Pick up: you may pick up your order anytime after 9am on your pickup date at our Farmstand, please ring bell for assistance.
  • Delivery: we will deliver your flowers at the discussed location and time. Please have someone present to receive the order.
Flower Care:
  • We advise customers keep their flowers in a cool-dark location until in-use. This will prevent any unwanted wilting.
  • Keep all arrangements out of direct sunlight if possible.
  • Keep bouquets in water if possible until in-use.


Location & Details
  • 419 Sheldon Ave Columbus OH 43207
  • The Farmstand is our home in Merion Village and is for pre-orders only (subscriptions, special requests, online orders, etc).
  • All orders at the Farmstand are labeled and placed on the front porch.
  • Please ring the door bell or knock for assistance.
  • Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm